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Over the years, we have developed professional and beneficial association with one of the popular companies, Mechcutters India. Since 1977, they are fulfilling the tooling requirements of bearings and bearing parts manufacturers by manufacturing a range of related products. They are an ISO 9000:2001 accredited company and are offering following tooling for bearing industry:

  • Feed & support rollers for honing of rollers.
  • Feed & support wheels or centre-less grinder for rollers.
  • Carrier plates, pressure plates etc for roller grinding.
  • Carrier plates for surface grinding of races.

In addition, they have also achieved various landmarks during their journey to the top. Some of these are enlisted below:

  • Made several press tools for two-wheeler industry ranging from steering column to the main body.
  • Made several pressure die-casting dies for two-wheeler industry.
  • Made several import substitute items from sheet metal and moulded components.

As per the specific requirements or drawings of customers, they can develop any sheet metal component for any application as well as retainers & cages for bearings.

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